Talking About WorkAholism

Long time no see!

I've always heard this expression about adults when I was a kid, now that I'm on the other side of the expression I can't seem to understand how in the world you may not be a workaholic, let me get you some insight of my toughts about this.

Lately, like two months now it's really been impossible for me doing anything but working, as I said a post or two back, I go to work at 6:30, gets to the office at 7:00 and even if my work hour is at 8:00 I start at 7:00 (why you ask, well... I live on the outsides of the city, to get there it's actually pretty fast, 15 minutes tops, but when more than hundreds of cars are trying to get to the city it gets pretty tough to get there, like an hour or so, now picture it five days a week four weeks a month eleven months of the year... Hell no! I prefer to get up early and that's it) that's pretty much my fault actually... spending that much time at work... BUT thats not the point.

Obviously from that time to 5:00 in the afternoon there's only work to worry about, aaand being what it is, architecture it's pretty much a career where there's not a way to schedule the time a project would take, of course there's a scale but not everyone work at the same speed and even if you work faster, when you get a schedule plan shorter that would take a normal person... well... you ended up working on saturdays...

I'm so exhausted, and it gets pretty scary when you have a sister with two babies and she seems to drain energy from the air, the oldest of them it's 2 years and half and she's like those kids that are like the cat with boots of the movie shrek, it's so cute and it just make you want to hug her until her eyes pop out.... hmm... but when you turn around she's climbing up the bookcase to get that pretty shiny colorful tea pot of your grandma, who by the way passed away like a zillion years ago and is so precious to you and.... well, end of story it gets broken.

And she has a baby of four months that whenever gets that you're not paying her attention with all your might, starts the third world war, starts crying at the top of her lungs and the biggest tears come out from her eyes and you want to start crying of the feeling of guiltiness... OMG she's so beautiful.

And even so, she's pretty much like a bee worker cooking here, cleaning up there, preparing a bottle of formula and giving it to the baby at the same time she's comforting the oldest from a scraped knee, an even so when I'm all like WTF she's answering a call explaining a recipe to her friend, what the schmuck, in comparison I'm doing nothing and all the time whenever I get back from work I feel like I've been solving the world problems with a mathematical solution from a recipe gave by a wolf... It isn't easy.

So trying to do anything else besides work gets pretty tough in reality, you get soo... is it said spent, jesus I feel like my mind it's just going to burst out in flames from the use, everything I've started that I love at the beginning of the year got cut out from roots, the blog, my book, the furnitures from my house...

Aaaand I got the pep talk from: my mother, my sister, my friend and another very dear friend of mine, my past boss from university and with this I'll wrap up this post, she reminded me of two very important things that I've always read about but never really got to me until now:

1. We just regret in the end the things we never did
2. Those thing we want the most are the ones we'll have to work harder

She also said some pretty great stuff, but this two are the ones that stuck on me...

Take care, be safe and see you all around

P.S.: Jesus! I'm so excited about writing again!!! Thank You... Old Boss...
P.S.S.: Sorry about the basic/horrid drawing, it felt right to draw the scene :/


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