Talking About This Two Months at Work


so it’s been now almost two months since I had started working for this architecture office, I'd write a post but wanted to wait until I got a really objective point of view myself before writing something about it, actually it’s been great everything about it even though if at first didn't seem like it, you see, I'd finished university December 22 (or 23 I don't really remember) and since that day until May 13th I found a really convenient schedule and started doing those things I've always wanted to do, like writing, making those furniture’s I’ve been needing for years, cooking pastries whenever I had a craving, reading all those thousands of book I've been postponing, starting courses, spending some quality time with my parents and dog, going to a café to read... And when I started working at this office all those amazing things I finally had started were again postponed, I simply didn't have enough time now, I start my working hour at 8, but to making it in time I have to wake at 5.30 and it's an hour to work because of the traffic (that's not a bother anymore since my body finally get used to the hour and its 5.20 and I'm wide awake) I reach job and I finish at 5 o'clock, I arrive home at 6.30 and that's fine if it’s not because I'm like a zombie when I reach home I'm starting to fall asleep at 8, so I actually have 3 hours to bathe, eat, spending quality time with my parents and doing all those stuff I'd postponed, so you would understand why at first I wasn't exactly very comfortable with working.

Now that I finally got used to the routine I'm still getting all woozy of sleep at 8 but I'm learning how to well spend my time, I started to harass my mum all around the house talking like a parrot (she has started to go insane xD) and I feel like this cartoon whenever I'm around my dog

I really like my job now that I’d realized that I just needed to get used to the routine and to distribute my time between everything, I finally finish a course I was doing at coursera of a kitchen project (you can see my work at: so I have the weekends for me again.

I really like the office, the co-workers, the location, the ambient, the projects are really interesting, but again, what I still don't like that much about work is precisely the routine, the monotony of every same day, I arrive at 7am I finished at 5, and in between I got bored doing the project I'm doing, because I can't get up from my place due to the fact that I get admonish if I do it... still, I'm still trying to get a really objective perspective.

I expect to be writing soon,
Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!

P.S.:  Last week I saw a women being drag to the floor by at least three cops for protesting (which is a civil right established by the constitution of this republic in the 68 article) I'll write about this “Guarimba” on another post.


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