Talking About Job Interviews

Hello! So as promised, here's how it went my job interview

DAY 1. Programming the Job Interview
I suffer of tummy aches every single time I get anxious, nervous, stressed or any like it from like I was three years old, so you could just start to imagine what I felt when Monday 14th noon I'd received a calling from a girl from this architecture firm to program a job interview with them, don't know HOW we ended up programming it for the day after, when I hang up the phone I was in a state of WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED aaand the tummy ache started it's appearance, they'd asked me to bring up my resume and portfolio (which you can see here and I had to went out running for printing it.

DAY 2. Job Interview
I had my very first job interview that Tuesday and it's been almost six months since I'd finished the career, and everything felt a little too much that day, I used the clothes I'd prepared from the night before and that's when I apparently destroyed the well known honor code of clothing codes, I'd prepared some high heels in caramel colors, some blue skinny jeans and a shirt in light blue with long bottomed leaves.

Fortunately I changed it a little bit, picking a white creamy t-shirt instead of the shirt, and feeling worst every minute that passed from my tummy that I could barely ate anything, when I enter the door to the office I wanted to die of the feeling out-of-place when I saw everyone with converse (>.<) apparently it's well known that for a job interview you're not supposed to use high heels, figures that no one told me that until I'd already have my interview (>.>u) so my first lesson here was to bring with you ALWAYS a pair extra of flat shoes on your bag so you may change them whenever feels necessary.

The Interview I had faced, as I said was a little weird because they talked to me about butterflies and whatever other subjects they'd bring up, (xD)... That's not completely right, he asked me about how I was taught the design process (in my Faculty there are six different let's call them schools of design that teach the design process in different ways from each other, I saw 6 semester of my career with one where they teach to analyze completely the context on which the building it's going to be implemented), we talked about my teaching period at university, about the professors, about the course I'm doing at coursera and everything was funny and enjoyable until the other owner of the company arrived and I felt like I was in front of the good and the bad cop, he did not say anything about almost anything, asked two or three things and that was all.

So here's my second lesson from the experience, when faced with a situation like this, just keep acting like yourself and don't let it bother you, if there's a way of avoiding this kind of issue I wouldn't know, but if you keep being yourself, nice, with an easy smile, I don't see how it's going to turn out badly, fortunately I was done talking and the other owner was explaining me about the perks of the job.

DAY 2. I received a Job Offering
I must have done something right... right?  I mean, I don't have any experience at all, and the job offering was mouth watering, off course I said yes at once and the stomach ache was increasing becoming a gastritis in every rule, they'd asked me to start on Thursday and the nervousness and anxiousness was getting worse, that day I still ended up learning something else

"There's nothing to be scared about job interviews, the worst thing that could happen it's that they don't give you the job, and even if it's the one you would die for, there's still a wide range of opportunities and maybe perhaps to do that thing you've been postponing for years now, or you simply don't dare to do".

Overall the experience was not bad at all, but for me, being confronted with that BIG WALL of reality and adulthood was like being aware that I was making a change in my life for which I wouldn't come back, like a change in my life that would imply some real factors of terror... I know I know, I'm exaggerating, but that's what I felt, and a friend told me "Hey Betty, whenever you want, you can quit, after all it's your life", that put a sigh of air in my lungs, but at last, I'm not sure that I want to work in a company, seated behind a computer from 8 to 5 with a break of 1 hr, 5 days a week... I picture myself more like a person with like a flower shop where there's always physical work to do, with an immense amount of sweet smells, beautiful colors, and with a fluent clientele...

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!



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