Talking About Jobs In Venezuela

Well, I've been trying to write this post for about two weeks now, but every time I started it, something happened within the week and I ended up postponing the posting.

At first I wanted to talk about the lack of jobs in the country.

Here in Venezuela the amount of unemployed persons are increasing almost within months, small business even big ones, are closing their doors because there are in bankrupt, that leaves an amount of people, a really big amount of people exponential to the businesses closing, without jobs. And the really sad part about this is that there's no new job offers, those are the same exact amount they were before the closing.

You can see this even in the hour of traffic, when you were like parking the car in the freeway because of the traffic, now it's really a light one, a stupid way to rate this but a truthful one.

The lack of constructions, makes for everyone involved in the area impossible to get a job, as an architect I had send my resume to at least five different company's (big and small ones) and the answer, invariably, was that "because of the lack of constructions there's no job for us, so it's virtually impossible to hire a new person, we we'll have your resume in considerations for further works".

Furthermore, the government it's been consistently closing businesses or turning them from private to its ownership, this has made that extremely wealthy company's started to consistently bring down the produce of artifacts and goods, this has happened to Sidor (the company of metal) to PDVSA (the company of petrol) to AgroIndustrias (the company of agriculture) and you can keep counting.

So, whats left for everyone it's to find a job as a street seller and sell, from food, to pastries baked at home, to make jugglery at the streets, to selling art, to have a post with cellphones for people to use, to ask for money at the semaphores, and keep counting.

Then I wanted to talk about how bad paid jobs are here.

Here in Venezuela, like in everywhere in the world exist something that's called minimum salary, which it's established from the summary of: basic food for a family of four, rent prices, transport prices, services prices (electricity, water, phone), and a little amount for savings or to spend them in whichever way you see fit... At least I believe that's all its consider, here that amount it's been recently upgraded to 4.700.000 Bs, it seems pretty enough right?

Well because everything it's imported, from water to vegetables (the first because there's no bottles here in Venezuela and the second one because the production here is  decreasing with every month passing) and above all everything it's imported is at the black dollar which it's about 70.000 Bs today (within a week it can change like in a 3%) and the government, denying its existence, calculate the minimum salary with the legal dollar which is about 10.000 Bs, the basic basket which contains what the minimum salary it's supposed to pay it's about 17.000.000 Bs and THAT, doesn't include health care or pharmacy.

Make the counts.

If you're a young person trying to be independent of your parents it become very difficult when as a graduated from university people are paying from minimum salary up to at the most 7.000.000 Bs, having a family becomes impossible in couples with one working person, so if you are a mom and want to dedicate your life to your child, forget about it because if you do you would be starving in a month.

Talking about familys and money and lack of jobs and everything bring up to my mind something a girl of seventeen told me like six years ago, I remember being in a language course with some other people, but there is this one girl that until now is still sticking to my mind, she had just had her baby, a girl, and she was telling the group about how relieved she felt because of her baby being a girl because that meant when she turned like fifteen or seventeen she would get in touch with the drug lord from the "barrio" and she was going to start bringing home a lot of money for her, it amazed me that, this newly became mother was acting like a pimp to her newly born daughter, I couldn't stop judging her in a very harsh way, and still with a newly born niece I judge her even with more anger.

Then I wanted to talk about job interviews.

About what people tell you to prepare to and what reality is (xD) people tell you to dress elegant, to prepare to questions like your weaknesses and strengths, why you think those are your W&S points, about your family, about why you think you would fit or be a perk for the company, where do you see yourself in the future, and probably some other sharp questions.

What I'd faced, was a little bizarre and perhaps out of the ordinary, could be because it was an architecture firm or who would know, but for making this shorter I would talk about my own interview in another post.

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!



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