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Austenland, a friend told me about this story a while back (I mean, like a year or so) then a month ago I saw the trailer of the movie and that very weekend I saw it, once, twice, trice, I still see it every time I feel miserable, and that is exactly the why behind it, this movie without a fault every time makes me laugh, I even feel represented by Jane, not in the obsessive part of Darcy, but probably that's because I haven't read the book yet (P&P) but because of her maybe naive characterization.

In the book I was able to feel resembled by her in more ways than in the movie, here her love life remind me of mine because of the idiots you find on your way, and her obsession with marriage and kids also reminds me of my well hidden dream (well, was hidden anyhow) ofcourse, she passes from grey tones, I mean asking a guy almost the very first time you have met him if he wants to have kids someday... well, that's a good way to spook him. But also the boyfriend part when she dumped him just because he snorted when laughing and Mr. Darcy wouldn't even dare to think about doing that, well, I had to close the book to laugh comfortably, was a pretty well laughed minute.

Between the movie and the book, well, the book was pretty enjoyable, it was pretty fluid, very quickly to read too (5 hrs) was a light story to read when you don't want anything heavier, there's not much complexity in the argument, the boyfriend parts were very laughable and hilarious some of them, I'm still not sure if I enjoyed the best, the part of the great auntie in the book or that Jane found out about Austenland by herself and pays it with her own incomes, I actually like both of the possibilities.

I have to admit that I probably liked the movie the best, and perhaps that has something to do with the fact that Mr. Nobley in the book, was an actor for real, and in the movie he was an History Professor, could be just THAT him being a Professor made him more sexier or the fact that he actually was not into the acting part and wasn't lying, it's easier to believe him that way, in the book, even when it was finished and he chased Jane to the airplane and made that woman move, (OMG I love that character and that part) I was not able to believe that he was just acting and actually was completely honest and that he was in love with Jane.

I saw the movie before I read the book, and I undeniably and irrevocably fell in love for Mr. Henry Nobley (OMG!!), have to admit that at first I hate the character (like in the book) because of his pedant and lout way of interacting, but then you started to understand  the whys and the character change as well as your perception of him (besides, JJ Feild is hot, that sums it all... I believe). The performance of Mr Nobley as a part of the story, for me, was better in the movie than in the book, somehow, in the book felt false but in the movie it felt truthful.

Miss Elizabeth Charming (xD even when writing her name I cannot leave behind the song in her name) I believe her character was one of the greatest, inevitably she made me laugh my tears out. I loved the movie like crazy, and I believe this is of the fewest adaptation I can say it's as perfect as the book, and probably that's because they'd changed some things, that in the book weren't that... ¿that much right? not sure if that word describes what I feel.

I have to admit that when I was reading the book I could not stop being amazed of the similitude's in the physical part and every else of Miss Elizabeth Charming with the actress, it was like I was having Jennifer Coolidge in my mind with dresses, mannerism and everything, Miss Elizabeth Charming was perfect in the movie and in the book as well, perhaps I enjoyed the actress the most but just because of the part when she's on the horse and screams "The British are coming, The British are coming" or the part when they are playing croquet and she just throw everything and breaks some glasses or tableware's, also the part when she's teaching jane to talk British, god she's the most crazy characterization I've ever saw and I just love it, had to admit that i would like to be like her in being so unashamed of herself.

Talking about others character, like Lady Amelia Heartwright her personage in the movie were one of the best, the part when she lies about the phone and dance/trot calling Jane apart to tell her to stay out of her way from Mr. East, well the dancing while she jumped makes me laugh all the time and that's because I just don't get why she does that, besides, I really like that she was younger in the movie, makes for me complete sense when she says at the end she has an old husband, very old.

Well, this are my thoughts about both the movie and the book leave a comment with your thoughts about them!

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!



  1. Oh yo soy ese friend, yo soy ese friend! :D jajaja
    Viiisteee, me encanta cómo cambian a Nobley en la película, es decir, el hecho de que no es actor! Lo que sí no me gustó tanto fue lo obsesionada que la hicieron ver a ella con Darcy, en el libro no era así :P
    (BTW! Leete Pride and Prejudice!!)

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. jajaj si Nobley en la pelicula espectacular y jane en el libro quizas fue un pelo mejor, ahi todavia dudo :P, ahora que llego temprano al trabajo me leo P&P


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