domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Talking About WorkAholism

Long time no see!

I've always heard this expression about adults when I was a kid, now that I'm on the other side of the expression I can't seem to understand how in the world you may not be a workaholic, let me get you some insight of my toughts about this.

Lately, like two months now it's really been impossible for me doing anything but working, as I said a post or two back, I go to work at 6:30, gets to the office at 7:00 and even if my work hour is at 8:00 I start at 7:00 (why you ask, well... I live on the outsides of the city, to get there it's actually pretty fast, 15 minutes tops, but when more than hundreds of cars are trying to get to the city it gets pretty tough to get there, like an hour or so, now picture it five days a week four weeks a month eleven months of the year... Hell no! I prefer to get up early and that's it) that's pretty much my fault actually... spending that much time at work... BUT thats not the point.

Obviously from that time to 5:00 in the afternoon there's only work to worry about, aaand being what it is, architecture it's pretty much a career where there's not a way to schedule the time a project would take, of course there's a scale but not everyone work at the same speed and even if you work faster, when you get a schedule plan shorter that would take a normal person... well... you ended up working on saturdays...

I'm so exhausted, and it gets pretty scary when you have a sister with two babies and she seems to drain energy from the air, the oldest of them it's 2 years and half and she's like those kids that are like the cat with boots of the movie shrek, it's so cute and it just make you want to hug her until her eyes pop out.... hmm... but when you turn around she's climbing up the bookcase to get that pretty shiny colorful tea pot of your grandma, who by the way passed away like a zillion years ago and is so precious to you and.... well, end of story it gets broken.

And she has a baby of four months that whenever gets that you're not paying her attention with all your might, starts the third world war, starts crying at the top of her lungs and the biggest tears come out from her eyes and you want to start crying of the feeling of guiltiness... OMG she's so beautiful.

And even so, she's pretty much like a bee worker cooking here, cleaning up there, preparing a bottle of formula and giving it to the baby at the same time she's comforting the oldest from a scraped knee, an even so when I'm all like WTF she's answering a call explaining a recipe to her friend, what the schmuck, in comparison I'm doing nothing and all the time whenever I get back from work I feel like I've been solving the world problems with a mathematical solution from a recipe gave by a wolf... It isn't easy.

So trying to do anything else besides work gets pretty tough in reality, you get soo... is it said spent, jesus I feel like my mind it's just going to burst out in flames from the use, everything I've started that I love at the beginning of the year got cut out from roots, the blog, my book, the furnitures from my house...

Aaaand I got the pep talk from: my mother, my sister, my friend and another very dear friend of mine, my past boss from university and with this I'll wrap up this post, she reminded me of two very important things that I've always read about but never really got to me until now:

1. We just regret in the end the things we never did
2. Those thing we want the most are the ones we'll have to work harder

She also said some pretty great stuff, but this two are the ones that stuck on me...

Take care, be safe and see you all around

P.S.: Jesus! I'm so excited about writing again!!! Thank You... Old Boss...
P.S.S.: Sorry about the basic/horrid drawing, it felt right to draw the scene :/

jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

Talking About This Two Months at Work


so it’s been now almost two months since I had started working for this architecture office, I'd write a post but wanted to wait until I got a really objective point of view myself before writing something about it, actually it’s been great everything about it even though if at first didn't seem like it, you see, I'd finished university December 22 (or 23 I don't really remember) and since that day until May 13th I found a really convenient schedule and started doing those things I've always wanted to do, like writing, making those furniture’s I’ve been needing for years, cooking pastries whenever I had a craving, reading all those thousands of book I've been postponing, starting courses, spending some quality time with my parents and dog, going to a café to read... And when I started working at this office all those amazing things I finally had started were again postponed, I simply didn't have enough time now, I start my working hour at 8, but to making it in time I have to wake at 5.30 and it's an hour to work because of the traffic (that's not a bother anymore since my body finally get used to the hour and its 5.20 and I'm wide awake) I reach job and I finish at 5 o'clock, I arrive home at 6.30 and that's fine if it’s not because I'm like a zombie when I reach home I'm starting to fall asleep at 8, so I actually have 3 hours to bathe, eat, spending quality time with my parents and doing all those stuff I'd postponed, so you would understand why at first I wasn't exactly very comfortable with working.

Now that I finally got used to the routine I'm still getting all woozy of sleep at 8 but I'm learning how to well spend my time, I started to harass my mum all around the house talking like a parrot (she has started to go insane xD) and I feel like this cartoon whenever I'm around my dog

I really like my job now that I’d realized that I just needed to get used to the routine and to distribute my time between everything, I finally finish a course I was doing at coursera of a kitchen project (you can see my work at: so I have the weekends for me again.

I really like the office, the co-workers, the location, the ambient, the projects are really interesting, but again, what I still don't like that much about work is precisely the routine, the monotony of every same day, I arrive at 7am I finished at 5, and in between I got bored doing the project I'm doing, because I can't get up from my place due to the fact that I get admonish if I do it... still, I'm still trying to get a really objective perspective.

I expect to be writing soon,
Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!

P.S.:  Last week I saw a women being drag to the floor by at least three cops for protesting (which is a civil right established by the constitution of this republic in the 68 article) I'll write about this “Guarimba” on another post.

sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

Talking About Job Interviews

Hello! So as promised, here's how it went my job interview

DAY 1. Programming the Job Interview
I suffer of tummy aches every single time I get anxious, nervous, stressed or any like it from like I was three years old, so you could just start to imagine what I felt when Monday 14th noon I'd received a calling from a girl from this architecture firm to program a job interview with them, don't know HOW we ended up programming it for the day after, when I hang up the phone I was in a state of WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED aaand the tummy ache started it's appearance, they'd asked me to bring up my resume and portfolio (which you can see here and I had to went out running for printing it.

DAY 2. Job Interview
I had my very first job interview that Tuesday and it's been almost six months since I'd finished the career, and everything felt a little too much that day, I used the clothes I'd prepared from the night before and that's when I apparently destroyed the well known honor code of clothing codes, I'd prepared some high heels in caramel colors, some blue skinny jeans and a shirt in light blue with long bottomed leaves.

Fortunately I changed it a little bit, picking a white creamy t-shirt instead of the shirt, and feeling worst every minute that passed from my tummy that I could barely ate anything, when I enter the door to the office I wanted to die of the feeling out-of-place when I saw everyone with converse (>.<) apparently it's well known that for a job interview you're not supposed to use high heels, figures that no one told me that until I'd already have my interview (>.>u) so my first lesson here was to bring with you ALWAYS a pair extra of flat shoes on your bag so you may change them whenever feels necessary.

The Interview I had faced, as I said was a little weird because they talked to me about butterflies and whatever other subjects they'd bring up, (xD)... That's not completely right, he asked me about how I was taught the design process (in my Faculty there are six different let's call them schools of design that teach the design process in different ways from each other, I saw 6 semester of my career with one where they teach to analyze completely the context on which the building it's going to be implemented), we talked about my teaching period at university, about the professors, about the course I'm doing at coursera and everything was funny and enjoyable until the other owner of the company arrived and I felt like I was in front of the good and the bad cop, he did not say anything about almost anything, asked two or three things and that was all.

So here's my second lesson from the experience, when faced with a situation like this, just keep acting like yourself and don't let it bother you, if there's a way of avoiding this kind of issue I wouldn't know, but if you keep being yourself, nice, with an easy smile, I don't see how it's going to turn out badly, fortunately I was done talking and the other owner was explaining me about the perks of the job.

DAY 2. I received a Job Offering
I must have done something right... right?  I mean, I don't have any experience at all, and the job offering was mouth watering, off course I said yes at once and the stomach ache was increasing becoming a gastritis in every rule, they'd asked me to start on Thursday and the nervousness and anxiousness was getting worse, that day I still ended up learning something else

"There's nothing to be scared about job interviews, the worst thing that could happen it's that they don't give you the job, and even if it's the one you would die for, there's still a wide range of opportunities and maybe perhaps to do that thing you've been postponing for years now, or you simply don't dare to do".

Overall the experience was not bad at all, but for me, being confronted with that BIG WALL of reality and adulthood was like being aware that I was making a change in my life for which I wouldn't come back, like a change in my life that would imply some real factors of terror... I know I know, I'm exaggerating, but that's what I felt, and a friend told me "Hey Betty, whenever you want, you can quit, after all it's your life", that put a sigh of air in my lungs, but at last, I'm not sure that I want to work in a company, seated behind a computer from 8 to 5 with a break of 1 hr, 5 days a week... I picture myself more like a person with like a flower shop where there's always physical work to do, with an immense amount of sweet smells, beautiful colors, and with a fluent clientele...

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!


martes, 10 de junio de 2014

Going Strawberry

Preparing Time: 120 min
Portion: 12 to 16 piezes (or so depending on the size)

Hello again, well this Monday I'd a craving for this precise cake, I made it like a year ago as a mix of things I simply loved, like strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate and this precise bunt (which I have to confess is my basic for every cake I make) I got the recipe for the cake from a tres leches recipe from this blog ( I encourage you to try this tres leches recipe, it's really amazing! 

For my cake I made a little changings.

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
5 large eggs, separated
1 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of light corn syrup
1/3 cup whole milk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Soaking Liquid
3/4 cup of heavy cream

3/4 cup of sugar
15 strawberries cut in slices
2/3 cup of melted chocolate


1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup sugar

1. Pre-heat the oven to 350°F and prepare a 22cm diameter round mold (I use wax paper).
2. Mix in a bowl the flour, baking powder and salt.
3. Mixed the whites of the eggs until they form a foam then incorporate 1/4 cup from the sugar then keep stirring until it forms peaks.
4. In a different bowl stir the yellows of the eggs with the rest of the sugar until creamy, then put in the vanilla and milk until it gets a uniform texture.
5. Incorporate alternately the flour mix and the whites with encircling movements.
6. Pour the mix in a mold and bake for thirty minutes.
7. Let it cool for ten minutes and while still warm pour the soaking liquid on top of it until every spot is moist.
8. Stir the pre-cooled heavy cream in a cold bowl with the sugar until it gets firm.
9. Decor the cake.

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!


sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Talking About Jobs In Venezuela

Well, I've been trying to write this post for about two weeks now, but every time I started it, something happened within the week and I ended up postponing the posting.

At first I wanted to talk about the lack of jobs in the country.

Here in Venezuela the amount of unemployed persons are increasing almost within months, small business even big ones, are closing their doors because there are in bankrupt, that leaves an amount of people, a really big amount of people exponential to the businesses closing, without jobs. And the really sad part about this is that there's no new job offers, those are the same exact amount they were before the closing.

You can see this even in the hour of traffic, when you were like parking the car in the freeway because of the traffic, now it's really a light one, a stupid way to rate this but a truthful one.

The lack of constructions, makes for everyone involved in the area impossible to get a job, as an architect I had send my resume to at least five different company's (big and small ones) and the answer, invariably, was that "because of the lack of constructions there's no job for us, so it's virtually impossible to hire a new person, we we'll have your resume in considerations for further works".

Furthermore, the government it's been consistently closing businesses or turning them from private to its ownership, this has made that extremely wealthy company's started to consistently bring down the produce of artifacts and goods, this has happened to Sidor (the company of metal) to PDVSA (the company of petrol) to AgroIndustrias (the company of agriculture) and you can keep counting.

So, whats left for everyone it's to find a job as a street seller and sell, from food, to pastries baked at home, to make jugglery at the streets, to selling art, to have a post with cellphones for people to use, to ask for money at the semaphores, and keep counting.

Then I wanted to talk about how bad paid jobs are here.

Here in Venezuela, like in everywhere in the world exist something that's called minimum salary, which it's established from the summary of: basic food for a family of four, rent prices, transport prices, services prices (electricity, water, phone), and a little amount for savings or to spend them in whichever way you see fit... At least I believe that's all its consider, here that amount it's been recently upgraded to 4.700.000 Bs, it seems pretty enough right?

Well because everything it's imported, from water to vegetables (the first because there's no bottles here in Venezuela and the second one because the production here is  decreasing with every month passing) and above all everything it's imported is at the black dollar which it's about 70.000 Bs today (within a week it can change like in a 3%) and the government, denying its existence, calculate the minimum salary with the legal dollar which is about 10.000 Bs, the basic basket which contains what the minimum salary it's supposed to pay it's about 17.000.000 Bs and THAT, doesn't include health care or pharmacy.

Make the counts.

If you're a young person trying to be independent of your parents it become very difficult when as a graduated from university people are paying from minimum salary up to at the most 7.000.000 Bs, having a family becomes impossible in couples with one working person, so if you are a mom and want to dedicate your life to your child, forget about it because if you do you would be starving in a month.

Talking about familys and money and lack of jobs and everything bring up to my mind something a girl of seventeen told me like six years ago, I remember being in a language course with some other people, but there is this one girl that until now is still sticking to my mind, she had just had her baby, a girl, and she was telling the group about how relieved she felt because of her baby being a girl because that meant when she turned like fifteen or seventeen she would get in touch with the drug lord from the "barrio" and she was going to start bringing home a lot of money for her, it amazed me that, this newly became mother was acting like a pimp to her newly born daughter, I couldn't stop judging her in a very harsh way, and still with a newly born niece I judge her even with more anger.

Then I wanted to talk about job interviews.

About what people tell you to prepare to and what reality is (xD) people tell you to dress elegant, to prepare to questions like your weaknesses and strengths, why you think those are your W&S points, about your family, about why you think you would fit or be a perk for the company, where do you see yourself in the future, and probably some other sharp questions.

What I'd faced, was a little bizarre and perhaps out of the ordinary, could be because it was an architecture firm or who would know, but for making this shorter I would talk about my own interview in another post.

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!


domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

BookLand: Austenland movie vs Austenland Book


Austenland, a friend told me about this story a while back (I mean, like a year or so) then a month ago I saw the trailer of the movie and that very weekend I saw it, once, twice, trice, I still see it every time I feel miserable, and that is exactly the why behind it, this movie without a fault every time makes me laugh, I even feel represented by Jane, not in the obsessive part of Darcy, but probably that's because I haven't read the book yet (P&P) but because of her maybe naive characterization.

In the book I was able to feel resembled by her in more ways than in the movie, here her love life remind me of mine because of the idiots you find on your way, and her obsession with marriage and kids also reminds me of my well hidden dream (well, was hidden anyhow) ofcourse, she passes from grey tones, I mean asking a guy almost the very first time you have met him if he wants to have kids someday... well, that's a good way to spook him. But also the boyfriend part when she dumped him just because he snorted when laughing and Mr. Darcy wouldn't even dare to think about doing that, well, I had to close the book to laugh comfortably, was a pretty well laughed minute.

Between the movie and the book, well, the book was pretty enjoyable, it was pretty fluid, very quickly to read too (5 hrs) was a light story to read when you don't want anything heavier, there's not much complexity in the argument, the boyfriend parts were very laughable and hilarious some of them, I'm still not sure if I enjoyed the best, the part of the great auntie in the book or that Jane found out about Austenland by herself and pays it with her own incomes, I actually like both of the possibilities.

I have to admit that I probably liked the movie the best, and perhaps that has something to do with the fact that Mr. Nobley in the book, was an actor for real, and in the movie he was an History Professor, could be just THAT him being a Professor made him more sexier or the fact that he actually was not into the acting part and wasn't lying, it's easier to believe him that way, in the book, even when it was finished and he chased Jane to the airplane and made that woman move, (OMG I love that character and that part) I was not able to believe that he was just acting and actually was completely honest and that he was in love with Jane.

I saw the movie before I read the book, and I undeniably and irrevocably fell in love for Mr. Henry Nobley (OMG!!), have to admit that at first I hate the character (like in the book) because of his pedant and lout way of interacting, but then you started to understand  the whys and the character change as well as your perception of him (besides, JJ Feild is hot, that sums it all... I believe). The performance of Mr Nobley as a part of the story, for me, was better in the movie than in the book, somehow, in the book felt false but in the movie it felt truthful.

Miss Elizabeth Charming (xD even when writing her name I cannot leave behind the song in her name) I believe her character was one of the greatest, inevitably she made me laugh my tears out. I loved the movie like crazy, and I believe this is of the fewest adaptation I can say it's as perfect as the book, and probably that's because they'd changed some things, that in the book weren't that... ¿that much right? not sure if that word describes what I feel.

I have to admit that when I was reading the book I could not stop being amazed of the similitude's in the physical part and every else of Miss Elizabeth Charming with the actress, it was like I was having Jennifer Coolidge in my mind with dresses, mannerism and everything, Miss Elizabeth Charming was perfect in the movie and in the book as well, perhaps I enjoyed the actress the most but just because of the part when she's on the horse and screams "The British are coming, The British are coming" or the part when they are playing croquet and she just throw everything and breaks some glasses or tableware's, also the part when she's teaching jane to talk British, god she's the most crazy characterization I've ever saw and I just love it, had to admit that i would like to be like her in being so unashamed of herself.

Talking about others character, like Lady Amelia Heartwright her personage in the movie were one of the best, the part when she lies about the phone and dance/trot calling Jane apart to tell her to stay out of her way from Mr. East, well the dancing while she jumped makes me laugh all the time and that's because I just don't get why she does that, besides, I really like that she was younger in the movie, makes for me complete sense when she says at the end she has an old husband, very old.

Well, this are my thoughts about both the movie and the book leave a comment with your thoughts about them!

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!


sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

Craving of a sweetness pastry

So yesterday night I was having that craving for something utterly decadent and chocolatious, and was like crazy calling my family for the dissapeared recipe of a brownies so delicious that everytime I eat them I die, well, the recipe didn't appear so I went through my recipe books of pastries and found one in the book "1001 cupcakes, cookies & other tempting treats" one brownie recipe that even when doing it I was dying to try.

So I changed a little bit the recipe, for instance I added the delicious marshmellows that once they melted they give to the brownies a chewy consistence that I personally love, plus, the sweetness inherent of them; also I used a flour that had yeast in it, because that's the only one I had at hand, don't know if you know this, but here in my country there's shortage of everything you could imagine, so wheat flour it's something I hadn't seen in awhile now, the one I'd used was the last package of a kilo that I has left, aaand this was the result

As you can see, it seems like a cake, it's in fact very spongy, but the taste it's amazing and actually it still remind me of a brownie somehow and not of a cake. Remember to try the marshmallows with your own recipe of brownies, if you love them separately, you would love them together!

Take Care, Be Safe and see you all around!


P.S.: I didn't share the recipe of this brownies because I'm not sure about the copyright issues as I got them of a book...