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Talking About WorkAholism

Long time no see!

I've always heard this expression about adults when I was a kid, now that I'm on the other side of the expression I can't seem to understand how in the world you may not be a workaholic, let me get you some insight of my toughts about this.

Lately, like two months now it's really been impossible for me doing anything but working, as I said a post or two back, I go to work at 6:30, gets to the office at 7:00 and even if my work hour is at 8:00 I start at 7:00 (why you ask, well... I live on the outsides of the city, to get there it's actually pretty fast, 15 minutes tops, but when more than hundreds of cars are trying to get to the city it gets pretty tough to get there, like an hour or so, now picture it five days a week four weeks a month eleven months of the year... Hell no! I prefer to get up early and that's it) that's pretty much my fault actually... spending that much time at work... BUT thats not the point.

Obviously from that time …

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